Top 5 Scents To Try This Holiday Season

Top 5 Scents To Try This Holiday Season

The winter holiday season is finally upon us and for many, winter is their favorite time of year. From holiday lights to Christmas trees and even caroling, there are many incredible ways to celebrate the Christmas season. While there are many over the top and incredibly obvious ways to show off your love of Christmas, there is also a simple, more subtle way to boost the holiday spirit without overwhelming your visitors: through scent.

Scent is proven to be one of our strongest senses, though it is often overlooked. Our noses, however, can quickly detect the slightest aromas and are well known for linking these scents to memories and experiences. Simply inhaling cinnamon can bring you back to fond memories of baking with your grandmother or enjoying your favorite baked goods with your family.

That's the real power behind scent: it often works behind the scenes, dictating our moods, without us ever fully realizing it. However, now that we are aware of how important scent is in impacting our feelings, we can use this knowledge to help improve our moods, while simultaneously spreading the joy of the holidays.

Using essential oil blends is one of the best ways to spread pleasant aromas throughout your home, businesses, or building. Essential oil blends are derived from nature and offer a powerful scent that can be safely unleashed into the air by using oil diffusers. If you'd like to spread the best scents Christmas has to offer; these top 5 essential oil fragrances should definitely be on your Christmas list:

  1. Peppermint – this scent is a favorite essential oil for its many therapeutic properties (such as eliminating headaches and boosting relaxation). Peppermint is also an essential Christmas scent, often featured in holiday beverages, sweets, and of course, the Christmas icon, candy canes.
  2. Gingerbread – images of building your first gingerbread house are sure to return to you when you inhale this sweet, slightly spicy aroma. Gingerbread is one of the ultimate Christmas scents, bound to delight all of your visitors.
  3. Winter Pine – if you’ve ever owned a freshly cut, authentic Christmas tree or perhaps cut one down yourself, you’ll fall in love with this incredible winter-themed scent that speaks to the natural beauty of Christmastime.
  4. Vanilla Bourbon – you might not initially connect vanilla bourbon to Christmas, but this scent has a bit of sweetness and a lot of depth, getting you in the mood for all the upcoming holiday parties you'll be hosting or attending.
  5. Holiday Spice – a culmination of all things Christmas, holiday spice is a remarkable wintery spice that will remind you of freshly baked cookies and sweets while getting you excited about all the holiday fun yet to come.

Our online shop has these and many other premium essential oil fragrances and even carries some scent bundles, to save you money on packs of your favorite scents. Get into the holiday spirit today, with AromaTech.

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