Banishing Stress is a Great Reason to Be Thankful

Banishing Stress is a Great Reason to Be Thankful

Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings and share your harvest. If you’re planning a traditional Thanksgiving meal with your loved ones, you are probably looking forward to a table set with candles, turkey, pumpkin pie and all the other trimmings associated with this family-focused holiday. It’s a day for remembering the things you’re thankful for and practicing a spirit of gratitude regardless of your beliefs. Most of all, it’s a time to share your bounty with others and spend time with the people you love the most.

One of the reasons people love Thanksgiving so much is that traditional celebrations are such a delight to the senses. From the fall decorations to the sights of smiling faces and delicious food to the sound of laughter, Thanksgiving celebrations lift our mood and give us a sense of peace and fulfillment. You can round out the sensory experience for yourself and your guests with aromatic oils. Scenting your party space with the perfect Thanksgiving essential and aroma oils can enhance the festive mood and make everyone who attends your celebration feel happier, more relaxed, and more in the spirit of the season. Here are some great scents to try this year.


Cinnamon has a wonderful scent that many people associate with fall and winter. Its therapeutic properties are well-known, and you can find cinnamon in many products, foods, and drinks. When you diffuse our Cinnamon blend at your Thanksgiving celebration, you’ll stir your guests’ appetites, warm and invigorate their senses, and help create more intense feelings of joy and peace. Its sweet and spicy scent can help energize and sharpen focus – not to mention add a charming ambiance to your get-together.

Pumpkin Spice

There’s nothing quite like the aroma of Pumpkin Spice when the weather turns cooler and the holidays begin. With notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, our Pumpkin Spice fragrance blend is cozy and warm, the perfect background for changing leaves, crisp fall air, and a table surrounded by your loved ones and a bountiful harvest. This aroma is truly indulgent and makes any fall celebration something extraordinary.

Chocolate Orange

Our Chocolate Orange aroma oil blend is a robust, earthy scent that combines the heavenly smell of rich, dark chocolate with bright, zesty orange for an intoxicating aromatic experience. It’s the perfect scent for Thanksgiving, as the chocolate calls to mind warm, sweet desserts baking away in a warm, cozy kitchen while the citrus notes balance and lighten for a pure, delicious fragrance you and your guests will love.


Food scents aren’t the only way to complement your Thanksgiving celebration. For something a little different, try our Focus 911 Quantum – a revitalizing blend containing notes of patchouli, frankincense, and myrrh. Patchouli is known to have many benefits including helping people feel more grounded, soothed, and peaceful, among other therapeutic properties. This slightly dark, warm, earthy fragrance is natural and inviting, perfect for your holiday feast.


It may not be winter just yet, but our Winter Pine aroma blend is right at home on Thanksgiving, too. This blend contains fresh crescendo pine, cedarwood, and bark for a wonderfully crisp, natural scent that will make your guests feel happy and welcome. The aroma of pine has the power to reduce stress and refresh the spirit while improving focus and concentration.

Go all out this Thanksgiving and diffuse one of these great aroma blends that are commonly associated with fall weather and family feasts.

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