Automating Your Sense of Smell in the Office

Automating Your Sense of Smell in the Office

The world we live in is highly automated. At home, people use automated devices all the time including mobile phones, computers, washing machines, coffee makers, and much more. There are even more sophisticated devices such as lights that turn on when they sense motion and car sensors that keep drivers from drifting out of their lanes. However, when it comes to business, we tend to stick to what works. After all, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

The problem with this philosophy is that it often means we wind up with outdated methods that aren’t as efficient as they could be. In fact, many areas of business have room for automation. Some are easy and affordable, such as automating mileage tracking for your employees. Others save significant amounts of time, such as email automation. Businesses can automate any number of processes, from content marketing and recruiting to cybersecurity and customer service. However, there’s one area you can easily automate that you may not have given much thought to yet: scenting.

Hi-tech devices have the power to make our lives and jobs more comfortable in many ways. Convenience is a priority for most busy professionals, as is the use of devices and machines that make our lives more enjoyable. The scent machine is one such invention that can transform any space into a pleasantly scented environment that makes spending time there more enjoyable and relaxing. Also, known as a diffuser, these devices are compact enough to be used in small offices yet powerful enough to be used in large buildings, depending on the model you choose. They make it easy to create a specific atmosphere for a targeted audience, whether that means your employees, customers, or clients.

The small yet powerful scent machine is easy to use and delivers a return on your investment that’s hard to beat. It is entirely safe, effective, and cost-efficient, perfect for dispersing the aroma of your choice throughout your business space for hours at a time. While some modern appliances are complicated and require the user to follow confusing instructions, scent machines are simple and stress-free. Just add your chosen aroma oil and turn the unit on – within minutes, your business will be filled with fine, subtly-scented mist for your employees and customers to enjoy.

Many scent machines have helpful features such as timers, ambient lighting, and optional cord accessories that can enhance the user experience. Users also have endless options when it comes to choosing a scent, as there is a vast range of essential and aroma oils available so that everyone can find the right scents to help them create the fragrance blend they need for their unique business purposes.

Benefits of scent machines

Using a scent machine in your office, store, or other workspace offers a variety of significant advantages.

  • Convenience: The automation abilities of good scent diffusers allows users to select the settings they want and then forget about it, knowing the diffuser will disperse the right amount of scent at the right times.
  • Safety: Unlike scented candles, scent machines give users the freedom to walk away without concern about fire hazards. Scent machines can also run safely for hours at a time.
  • No mess: With a scent machine, there’s no waxy residue to remove, and cleaning the unit typically involves nothing more than a little mild soap and water.
  • Ease of use: Using a scent machine requires nothing more than filling a bottle with your essential or aroma oil of choice and turning on the unit. The diffuser then distributes a fine scented mist throughout the space for any length of time you choose.
  • Mood enhancement: Aroma oil diffusers can have a positive effect on your mood and that of your employees and guests, creating the ambience you want, neutralizing odors, and making your space more inviting.

We live in a fast-paced world with busy schedules, and we often pass on things we see as inconvenient or time-consuming. The good news is that scenting your business is incredibly simple, requiring minimal time and effort. A professional scent machine can be an excellent addition to any business space.

Scent machines at AromaTech

At AromaTech, we offer a range of fully programmable scent machines for business use. Our diffusers can deliver real value to your business:

  • Higher sales, as customers enjoy being in your building more and are willing to stay longer
  • Enhancing brand identity, as you choose the scent that expresses your brand’s personality and principles
  • Better first impressions, as you create a memorable experience for your guests
  • Increased productivity, as your employees benefit from scents that energize or boost mood

Depending on your business and the size of your space, you may choose:

  • AromaPro: This diffuser is perfect for medium spaces of up to 4,000 square feet. This three-in-one system can connect to your HVAC system and can stand freely or be wall mounted. Create a controlled, consistent scent with this sleek, versatile diffuser.
  • Air Stream Single: The Air Stream Single makes it easy to scent large spaces of 1,000 square feet and up. This unit connects discreetly to your ventilation system and is perfect for business spaces such as retail floors, gyms, conference rooms, hotel lobbies, and guest corridors.
  • Air Stream Duo: This machine is designed for large areas with multiple zones, such as hotels, retail spaces, office buildings, and more. It connects to your HVAC system and provides subtle, consistent scenting throughout your space. Control scent timing and intensity easily.

Use the AromaTech scent machine of your choice with any of our luxurious scents. We offer a wide variety of essential and aroma oils designed for use with our scent machines for perfect scenting in any environment. Our special cold-air nebulizing technology is effective, efficient, and safe, allowing you to create the atmosphere you want for your business cleanly and efficiently. For great scenting solutions that can enhance your business, contact AromaTech today. We’ll be happy to discuss your needs with you and help you determine which scenting system will work best for your business.

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