3 Strategies for Personal Growth This Spring

3 Strategies for Personal Growth This Spring

There’s something about the spring landscape that inspires us to higher levels of personal growth in our own lives. But trying to grow and develop can sometimes be a daunting or overwhelming task. That’s why we wanted to provide 3 really simple strategies you can use for personal growth this spring. Best of all, these are things you can start incorporating into your life right now, and begin experiencing the results firsthand. 

Remembering Rest & Balance

Like the earth, we rest during the winter only to emerge into the spring with more vitality than before. But even as we move into spring, it’s important to rest and be mindful of self care. One of the biggest things winter can teach us is the importance of taking a break, turning inward, and taking time to pause and reflect. Although spring is typically a season of more outward energy, it's important to make time for introspection at all times of the year. Balancing inner and outer activity, rest and action, not only encourages growth, but also results in a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

Taking a Simplified Approach to Health

The physical body is the vessel in which we move through and interact with the world. Once we understand this, it’s clear that one of the most transformational strategies for growth is improving our health, because in doing so we improve our entire experience of reality. Today, there are perhaps more health fads and diets than ever before. Part of the reason for this is that many people think that the way to achieve big results over time is to make very aggressive changes right now. This isn’t always the case, however. In fact, for most people it’s better to focus on small changes that you can implement now, and be consistent with over time: drinking an extra glass of water a day, adding a serving of vegetables to your meals, eating primarily whole (“real”) foods rather than processed (“fake”) foods. Improving our health, and growing as a result of it, doesn’t have to be complicated.

Incorporating Beneficial Fragrances

Part of what makes spring so magical is that outside, new natural fragrances start to emerge. Winter offers its own scents like cold, fresh air. But spring with its blooming flowers and emerging greenery is one of the most aromatically rich seasons. 

The nice thing about scent is that it encourages both of the other tips discussed above. Calming spring scents like Oriental Rain and Oriental Garden can inspire tranquility, harmony, and contemplation. Other fragrances like Tokyo, or Green Tea & Lemongrass can revitalize us, offering new levels of health, energy, and wellbeing. 

Let us Help You Grow (Spring Savings)

To help you grow this Spring season, we’re offering a Spring bundle discount. The following bundles are currently on sale:

  1. Oriental Rain & Oriental Garden
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These spring scents are a great way to encourage rest, rejuvenation, and new growth. With 5 unique fragrance bundles, there's truly something for everyone!

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